Towing Service

Towing Service HialeahThe team at Hialeah Tow Truck have been working hard to establish our towing services in Florida. We have been working to not only establish our brand here in Hialeah, FL but the surrounding communities as well. Our team cannot wait to help you out in your next jam, and with our towing services, you will be in good hands. We offer three distinct towing options for our client, and with our fleet that provides a top-notch option for you no matter the towing option you choose, the team at Hialeah Tow Truck is your best option for all things towing. We are proud to offer three distinct towing options for our clients.


Light Duty Towing

This towing service is truly our bread and butter. We have been operating in the light-duty towing service option for more than a decade, and it is what we started with. This service is designed for those who are running consumer vehicles that you see every day. Our trucks will be able to handle anything from a sedan to a larger pickup. Our company has long worked in this service, and with our team, and our commitment you will quickly see why Hialeah Tow Truck continues to be the first choice in the Hialeah, FL area.

Hialeah Flat bed

Medium Duty Towing

Our team at Hialeah Tow Truck has been working hard, no sleep to ensure that our medium duty towing options have been fully utilised. These trucks are designed to handle those work trucks or vans that are a little heavier than our light-duty trucks can safely handle. Our services will work with you to ensure that you miss as little time as possible on the job site. As small business owners ourselves, we know that time is money, and our network of certified mechanics will get you up and running in no time. Trust your next tow with Hialeah Tow Truck, and see the difference practically immediately.

Heavy Duty Towing

As one of the only heavy duty towing companies in Florida, the team at Hialeah Tow Truck have been working hard to ensure our customers are able to get back on the road in no time. Our fleet of heavy-duty trucks will ensure that you not only get the service that you should come to expect from a towing service company but the type of customer service that you will not expect. We here at Hialeah Tow Truck continue to deliver a top-notch experience, and it is time that you check it out yourself. Our heavy duty towing options work for those with a large fleet, or for those who are independent contractors. Call us today, and see why so many have trusted our heavy duty towing options here at Hialeah Tow Truck.

Hialeah flat bed towing

Now is the time to call the team at Hialeah Tow Truck. We have been offering light duty towing, medium duty towing and heavy duty towing options for more than a decade, and we cannot wait to work with you. We are one of the true difference makers in the industry, and when you need a tow in Hialeah, FL or beyond, the team to provide that is Hialeah Tow Truck.