Roadside Assistance

When you break down it can be a bit of a situation, not only are you now going to be fighting the urge to get Hialeah Towing Serviceemotional, you will need to control your kids, and try and find a solution. As you scramble through your purse or car to find your phone, you will remember that you should have taken up that amazing offer on roadside assistance. Here at Hialeah Tow Truck, we have been providing roadside assistance programs for more than a decade, and our customers have honestly loved it. Let our dedicated team ensure that you get the service that you deserve, and only with Hialeah Tow Truck.

What to expect

When you have roadside assistance with Hialeah Tow Truck, you are our priority. If you run into trouble on the side of the road, simply whip out your phone and call our number. One of our friendly operators will be able to take down your information and connect with a driver in your area. Once we confirm the driver is on the way, we will be able to give an approximate estimated time of arrival. As the driver arrives on the scene, they will be briefed on the situation and will first secure you and your family. With that done, they will then secure the scene and start to see if they can diagnose the problem. If we can fix it on the side of the road we will. If not, we will either tow you to a station of your choosing, or we can make sure that you go to one of our thousands of connected mechanics that stretch across the state. We like to make things easier, and with our roadside assistance that is exactly what happens.

Hialeah Towing flat bed

What you get with it

Our roadside assistance is much like the other guys, but the difference is we use our entire fleet.  We want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth, and will work hard to ensure that wait times are limited, and you can get back on the road without further delays. We are proud to be working throughout the Hialeah, FL area, and our service area stretches for hundreds of miles in all directions.

Hialeah flat bed towing

Call our team today and see why so many have already trusted the great people at Hialeah Tow Truck with their roadside assistance. We have been providing this service for years, and with our commitment to excellence, you will quickly see the advantage of choosing our services. Call or click today, and talk with one of our dispatchers to learn more. You never know when you will need us, but when you do, the team at Hialeah Tow Truck will be there for you.

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