A quality towing truck company can truly change the future of a community, and here in Hialeah Tow Truck, we have been proud to service Hialeah, FL and the surrounding area for years. We are a locally owned and operated towing service, and when you need something towed we are the team to deliver it. Let our team take care of the nitty-gritty, and you and your family can focus on getting to where you need to go for the day.

Our services

When you choose Hialeah Tow Truck you are choosing a company that truly cares about our clients. We have been working with our clients for more than a decade, and with a commitment to excellence, you will be in good hands. We work with everyone, including large fleets, individual contractors with semi-trailers, small businesses and of course the general public. We offer a wide selection of great services that includes roadside assistance and full service towing. When it comes to towing services, the only call you need to make in Hialeah, FL and beyond is to the great people at Hialeah Tow Truck.

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Our drivers

The difference makers for our company are truly the drivers. We have been working hard to establish our brand in Florida, and the first line of customer contact is our drivers. We utilised a hiring approach that ensures our drivers will be not only great at their job but will exhibit the type of customer experience that we expect our drivers to exhibit. These drivers have been handpicked, and you will quickly see the difference between a Hialeah Tow Truck and the other guys. Let our drivers showcase why Hialeah Tow Truck should be the first call, no matter the towing service that you need.

Our fleet

There is something about a fleet of tow trucks that can make a difference, and here at Hialeah Tow Truck, we have the fleet that continues to deliver a top-notch experience. Our trucks are maintained and will showcase how a tow truck company can deliver on a day-to-day experience. We have been lucky enough to start with our light-duty trucks, and these trucks are truly the workhorses of our fleet. They can handle any sort of consumer vehicle and will get you up and run in no time. Our medium duty trucks have quickly become a source of pride at Hialeah Tow Truck.

These trucks are meant for those bigger work trucks, and our towing packages will make sure you are back on the road and making money. Finally, our heavy-duty trucks are the true beasts of our fleet and will be able to haul anything from a tractor-trailer to a charter bus. These trucks are in high demand, and we are proud to offer our clients with the options from their towing service company.

Call our team today, and see the difference that Hialeah Tow Truck can make on your bottom line. We have been in the business for a few years, and know how to best deliver a top-notch experience. Trust the local experts, and only at Hialeah Tow Truck.