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Finding a quality towing company can be a bit of a challenge in Florida, but when it comes to providing a top end tow each and every time, there is no one better than Hialeah Tow Truck. We have been servicing the Hialeah, FL area, and beyond for some time, and no matter if you need a tow, or need some assistance on the highway, the team at Hialeah Tow Truck is here for you. Below you will find some of the truly amazing services that we are proud to offer our hard-working clients, and we cannot wait to be your knight in shining armor.

24/7 Emergency Towing Services Right Here In Hialeah, FL

Breaking down on the side of the road does not wait for normal office hours. If you are dealing with engine trouble, Roadside assistance Hialeahtire issues, or just simply a car that will not start, the team at Hialeah Tow Truck will be there. We have been responding to emergencies since our company first began, and no matter where you are in the state, our tow trucks will be able to rescue on the side of the road. Our 24/7 emergency services provide our clients with the knowledge that they will be able to get help no matter the time of night. Let our team help you out of a jam, and you should know that when you call Hialeah Tow Truck we will be there for you day or night.

Heavy Duty Towing That Will Make A Difference In Hialeah Gardens, FL

Heavy duty towing in this part of Florida can be tough to find, but here at Hialeah Tow Truck, we have been showcasing our skill and expertise in this tough field daily. Heavy duty towing is designed for those trucks that haul the goods that we use every day, and for those buses that take athletic teams and school trips throughout the state. Our trucks will be able to handle any sort of load and can take you back to the yard, or to the nearest heavy-duty mechanic in the area. If you do not have a local mechanic, we have a large collection of trusted mechanics throughout Miami Dade County. With Hialeah Tow Truck taking care of the tow, you will be back on the road in no time!

Medium Duty Towing In And Around Doral, FL

Hialeah Towing Service

When you are on a job site, the last thing you want to do is deal with mechanical issues. We are a small business and know that when you are not on site you are not getting paid. This is a bit of an issue, and the team at Hialeah Tow Truck will work with you to ensure your losses will be minimal as possible. Our medium duty towing is designed as a solution for those with work trucks, or cube vans that cannot remove their tools. We can meet you on site, and ensure that you get to either your own trusted mechanic or one of our great mechanics in our network. Let our team get you back on site, and doing what you love!

The Only Choice For Light Duty Towing In Doral, FL

As the premier towing company in Doral, FL, we here at Hialeah Tow Truck have been working long and hard to establish our light-duty towing options. This towing service is designed for those who are running your typical consumer car or truck. Our trucks will be able to be on the scene in just a few minutes, and no matter if there is an issue with your tire or just a stubborn engine, the team at Hialeah Tow Truck will get you up and running in no time. If we cannot fix it on the side of the road, we have a network of amazing mechanics that will be able to diagnose the issue and get you out of their shop as soon as possible.


Roadside Assistance With Ease In Miami Springs, FL

If you are one to drive the many rural highways that dot this great state, you should be first to know how handy Hialeah Flat bedroadside assistance can be for your car. With Hialeah Tow Truck’s roadside assistance package we will be able to respond to your issues with ease and be on scene in a matter of minutes. Within the package, you will receive a dedicated amount of towing that is covered, as well as other services that normally are pay as you use them for our other customers. We cannot wait to help you and your family out of your next mechanical issue, and with Hialeah Tow Truck you know that you will be in good hands.

Expert Accident Recovery For Those In Miami Lakes, FL

When you have been in a major accident, the last thing that you need to do, or should be doing is dealing with the particulars of the vehicle involved. Here at Hialeah Tow Truck, we have been providing accident recovery services for more than a decade. No matter if you are dealing with a bit of a fender bender, or something a little more serious, we will take care of it. You will need to focus on making sure you can heal, and your family is ok. Let out team take care of the vehicle, and coordinate with the police, and other authorities on where to take the car, and the particulars.

Tire Change Service In Miami-Dade County, FL

Hialeah Towing

Have you ever had to change a tire? If you have, have you ever had to change a tire on the side of an interstate during the night? If not, it is not fun! This is why the team at Hialeah Tow Truck is here to help. We have been providing tired changes for the better part of a decade for our clients, and we can not wait to be there for you in your time of need. We will be able to not only provide the tire change service in mere minutes but will also be able to make sure it is done in a safe fashion, without the need of endangering you or your family.

Lockout Service For When You Need It In Hialeah, FL

When you lock yourself out of your vehicle it is hard to mask the frustration and the slight embarrassment that it causes. We have all been there, but the difference in Hialeah, FL is you now are able to call the true experts at lock out services Hialeah Tow Truck. We will be able to get on scene in a few minutes and will have you back in your car before the ice cream starts to melt. With our tools and expertise, your car’s finish will not be damaged, and instead, you will be enjoying the refreshing air conditioning in no time. Call us today 786-686-9577 and ensure that you get an expert technician from Hialeah Tow Truck for your next lock out issue.

For When You Need A Jump Start Service In Hialeah Gardens, FL

Jump starting your car should not be a task, but here in Hialeah Gardens, FL it sometimes takes an expert to ensure Towing Hialeahthat you can get back on the road safely. When you turn the key and hear nothing your heart starts to sink. We have all been there, but instead of taking out the jumper cables, if you have any, and finding a stranger to jump your car, call the team at Hialeah Tow Truck. We will be able to get you up and running in no time, and with our strong external batteries, we will be able to jump anything from a mini cooper to a full-size truck. Thus, when you need your next jump start service, skip the unnecessary work, and call 786-686-9577 the true experts at Hialeah Tow Truck.

Gas Delivery With Ease In Doral, FL

We have all done it in college, and probably since then as well, running out of gas. It is almost a right of passage as a young driver, but even those who are a little more seasoned on the road can get into problems. No matter if you are on the interstate, one of our many rural highways or just simply in your garage, running out of gas can happen anywhere. Here at Hialeah Tow Truck, we want to make the experience as good as possible and thus have created a service that gives you options. Our trucks can either fill your vehicle up with enough gas to get to the next service station, or we can fill your tank up. It is all up to you, and here at Hialeah Tow Truck, we like to give you the customer the choice!

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When it comes towing services the team at Hialeah Tow Truck should be your first call here in Hialeah, FL and beyond. We have been working long and hard to establish our customer base, and cannot wait to show you why we should always be the first call. No matter if you are in Doral, FL or even Miami-Dade County, FL the team at Hialeah Tow Truck will be here for you for all things towing.

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